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To kick things off with a bang, we're offering select organizations talks and workshops in exchange for bulk pre-orders placed between March 1st and June 10th.

+ For 100 books, we'll throw a lunchtime brown bag at your office

+ For 500 books, we'll present a talk and run a 3-hour-long workshop

+ For 1,000 books (or more!), we'll present a 40-minute talk, half day workshop, and bring one of the misfits from our book to your office for an intimate Q&A

Innovation on the Fringe

Our talks and workshops are dynamic, fun and engaging. Here are some of our current offerings, though we can tailor them to your particular needs for deviance and disruption:

Image of con artist

+ Pitch Like A Con Artist:
Lessons in Salesmanship

Image of David Bowie

+ From Bowie to Lady Gaga:
How Create your Own Alter Ego

Image of pirate

+ Think Like a Pirate: How
To Drive Collaboration

Image of cult leader

+ Pop-Up Cult Creation:
Lessons in Rapid Prototyping

Image of gangster

+ Hustle Like a Gangster:
Making Something Out of Nothing

At our workshops, we will help you to unlock your inner misfit, radically shifting your mindset. Through inhabiting diverse personas — a gangster, a pirate, a hacker, or even a camel milk trader — you'll learn to solve major innovation challenges like each misfit would. We'll explore how historic pirates built an unbreakable culture of fraternity and collaboration, how gangsters build lean and facile start ups, and how cult leaders create meaningful brands.

Image of Alexa speaking Image of Kyra speaking
Image of Innovation on the Fringe slide Image of Alexa speaking

Upcoming Events

  • Digital Shoreditch May 14 (London, UK)
  • TEDxReyjavik May 16 (Reykjavik, Iceland)
  • OuiShare Fest May 20-22 (Paris, France)
  • FUEL Conference May 27-28 (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Central Saint Martins June 10 (London, UK)
  • Book Launch June 20 (Washington DC, USA)
  • Impact Hub June 23 (New York City, USA)
  • Prime Produce June 28 (New York City, USA)
  • Soho House June 29 (New York City, USA)
  • Aspen Ideas Festival July 1-2 (Aspen, USA)
  • Wired Money July 8 (London, UK)
  • Entrepreneurs Organization July 9 (London, UK)
  • Google July 23 (Los Angeles, USA)
  • World Affairs Council July 29 (San Francisco, USA)
  • Microsoft Research July 30 (Seattle, USA) TBC
  • Year of the Goat September 8 (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Happy Startup Summercamp September 18-20 (Surrey, UK)
  • Culture 24 September 23 (Brighton, UK)
  • Changemaker Leaders Summit October 1-3 (Mexico City, Mexico)
  • Cybersecurity Summit October 18-21 (Washington DC, USA)
  • PopTech October 22-23 (Camden, Maine)
  • Cybersecurity Summit November 9-11 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
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